All of our protein sources are halal with the exception of pulled pork and bacon. During preparation these are also kept separate from each other.
In our recommended menu, there are no vegan dishes. However, you could order the Beyond Meat with an additional note to replace the Mayonnaise with another sauce OR a different dish with a note not to add any non vegan components.
If you want to put compose your own dish we recommend you to choose for the protein; 
our delicious pulled mushroom.
On our recommended menu, we offer two vegetarian dishes. The Sea Feast with cheddar, fish and shrimp as well as the Beyond Meat with pulled mushroom and mayonnaise. 
You can also compose your own dish to meet your wishes. In that case, you can choose from the following protein varieties; fish, shrimp and pulled mushroom.
GLUTEN FREE_edited.png
Our Nachos are 100% gluten free. Our potato fries are naturally gluten free but may contain traces of gluten.